A. slade

& The Vibe

A Hard-hitting funk rock Band with

Hip-hop and soul influences

A. Slade & The Vibe, a dynamic fusion of funk rock, soul, and hip-hop, is a musical powerhouse that captivates audiences with their infectious energy and genre-bending sound. Led by the enigmatic A. Slade, a capable musician and vocalist whose passion for music knows no bounds, the band is a collective force of raw talent and boundless creativity.

Josh 'Cat Guts' holds down the low end on the Bass, infusing each track with pocketed grooves while his deep-seated love for hardcore music adds an edgy, pulsating depth to their compositions. T.J., also known as Taj Mahal, serves as the band's versatile drummer, defying the limits of earthly physics with his diverse rhythms and innate sense of timing.

Their latest addition, Chris Bones on the Trombone, elevates their sonic landscape, introducing soaring harmonies and hard-hitting stabs that add a whole new dimension to their already vibrant sound. A. Slade & The Vibe's recent performances at the 918 Food Festival and The Dreamland Festival in Downtown Tulsa, OK, have solidified their reputation as an electrifying live act, leaving audiences yearning for more.

With an ability to deliver unforgettable performances and a dedication to pushing creative boundaries, A. Slade & The Vibe are set to deliver a lasting impression on audiences. Stay tuned as they continue to grace festival stages and ignite crowds with electrifying original music.



”reason” live, The Vanguard

2023. TULSA. OK.


2 Hot Too Trot

2023. NOV. 11.


11:11 Performance Arts Exhibit

2023. OKC. OK.



2023. TULSA. OK.

we Curate a vibe.

Find us where the tulsa sound meets the tulsa flavor.

we like to make people feel, sing, move.

look out for our next show and come join us.

see you there.


Combined 40 years of GIGGING experience

Tulsa, OKC, Wichita, Virginia Beach, Dallas, Pensacola, NY, + more

worked with over 25 projects

The Maverick Elite, Brad Duvall Band, The Sellouts, Fight The Fade, Entropy, Cold 43, Thanks To You,+ more

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